A Couple And A Dog Travel Europe In A Motorhome

Hello. We are Julie, Stuart and Charlie the dog. We intend to travel around Europe in the motorhome we have just purchased, as soon as possible. We are currently in the process of packing up, selling all our stuff and quitting the ratrace to pursue this dream.

This website is a journal of our adventure as we plan and save to fund our trip, and then as we set off on our travels. We will share it with you here in the hope that it can be inspiring and useful to others who may wish to do the same.


Enjoying England In A Motorhome!


Yes this is me – enjoying beautiful England in the sunshine!

So we had to leave the campsite because you can only stay for 21 days at a time before you have to move on. You can come back again after a couple of nights.  So we decided to take this opportunity to practice some free camping, and Stu whisked me off to Kingsleyvale in The South Downs National Park. It was so romantic  to be taken on this surprise trip, I can’t tell you how delighted I feel and  am grinning from ear to ear! I really needed a break too. And because we are free camping all it is costing us is the price of the diesel and some food.

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Escape The Rat Race And Live Your Dream

Are you ready to escape the rat race and change your life but you don’t know how. Perhaps you are procrastinating and you limit yourself by telling yourself stories about what is ‘realistic’ and what is ‘unrealistic’.

It is useful to know that anything is possible.

I like this short talk from Grace Kelly about how to escape the rat race and live your dream. She is just lovely and I felt uplifted listening to her.


Saving The Money For Traveling – Our Progress Report

Saving money for vacation or roadtrip.  Fund your trip.

Saving money for vacation or roadtrip.
Fund your trip.

(image courtesy of ‘Stuart Miles’ – freedigitalphotos.net)

July 2013

Here is what we have saved so far:

April – June 2013 – £2530 – saved and then paid towards cost of buying/insuring RV

June 2013 – £600 – an early wedding present from Stu’s mum, also paid towards the cost of the RV

June 2013 – £176 – saved in our savings account


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Getting Set Up In The Motorhome

Setting up the motorhome.

Getting Set Up In The Motorhome


We are in the process of getting all set up in our new motorhome. We finally made the move from house to motorhome yesterday, and inbetween a short stint at work this afternoon I have been getting us set up. Stu has had to work so he has been doing what he can between shifts. There is far more to living in a motorhome / RV than I previously realised! A lot more. There are so many systems to learn, plus I think that each RV has its own quirks.

So here are some of the things we have had to work out.

  • The water system
  • The toilet system
  • The electricity system

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Traveling With Your Pet

Introducing Charlie

Introducing Charlie

So this is Charlie, the third member of the family and our rescue Spaniel who we will be taking away with us to Europe when the time comes.

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Bootfairs and Leaving Parties

Very short post as I am ridiculously tired. We were up at 5am this morning to do a bootsale (our second one) to get rid of the last bits of stuff. It was kind of crazy and we ended up selling things really cheap just to shift it. There isn’t much left and what is left is being taken to the charity shop tomorrow. We made nearly £60 profit this time, after we took out entry costs and food, so nowhere near as much as last time which was around the £200 mark. And still worth it as this is stuff that we don’t want and needed to get rid of!

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Thinking Outside The Box – Do You Really Need All That Stuff?

(image courtesy of ‘stockimages’ – freedigitalphotos.net)

Save The Money To Make Your Travel Dreams Come True This Way

So tomorrow we pick up our motorhome, or ‘the van’ as we seem to be calling it. I am so excited and also it still doesn’t seem quite real just yet. I still don’t know how everything is going to come together with this plan, and I know it will, in it’s own way and just as it is meant to be.

You may or may not know that we are planning to live in the van for a year or so BEFORE we actually set off traveling. We needed to borrow some money from a family member, on top of what we had saved, to buy the van, and so we will pay that off before leaving and also save up some more money to fund our trip. It made complete sense to us to borrow the money and buy the van now rather than waiting and saving up as we are currently paying rent on the house we live in. This was all that rent money each month will be free to go towards paying off the van. This was step number one in speeding up the process of getting our finances sorted to travel in our motorhome.We will also be staying on a friend’s property, paying a very minimal fee which saves hundreds in camping costs.

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For Inspiration!

(image source – weadorefrance.com)

I thought I would post up some pictures of the places we are planning to visit. This will help keep us motivated as we are working our butts off earning money to pay the motorhome off and fund our trip. Also, as we get through another cold, dark winter here in England, living in the van! Hopefully it will be a cosy and lovely experience although I expect the reality of it will be that there are some challenges. We shall see. Anyway these pictures are to help keep us focused toward our goal, and provide inspiration and motivation.

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The Adventure Begins!

I am sitting here in our living room surrounded by half packed boxes, pictures, bags of clothes, and other ‘stuff’. You would be forgiven for thinking that we are in the middle of packing to move house, and in a way we are, except this is a little different, because we are actually moving into a motorhome, not another house.

Which means – ALL THE STUFF HAS TO GO!

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